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Our Storage

Been questioning the storage of household things? We have a solution to this problem. PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC presents to your attention the services of storing personal and seasonal items in a 24-hour small warm warehouse. It is very convenient and very inexpensive. The temporary individual storage room is an excellent solution to the problem of moving, repairing, arriving guests and other situations when space needs to be vacated. Your items will remain intact for the duration of their storage.

You can significantly expand your living space and create more comfortable conditions for everyday life if you keep some of your household things outside the apartment. These things include "seasonal" things. For example, bicycles, dacha inventory, voluminous children's accessories and toys (stroller, riding-school, scooter, children's typewriter or bicycle, etc.), skis, skates, sleds and the like that are needed at certain times of the year. It is worth thinking about the fact that archival things, such as family photo albums, books, dishes, and other things that are memorable family relics and therefore can not simply be thrown away, can be handed over safely. Moreover, storage services are more than inexpensive.

We provide individual storage services for individuals and companies. In PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC you can rent a warehouse (box room) of the size you need to store almost any items for the period you need. PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC offers a warehouse service for online stores. For our clients we provide courier, show room and free internet access, which will allow us to work directly from our box. Individual storage is the best way to solve the issue of safe and economical storage.