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Military Moving

Apartment move - a rare phenomenon, but memorable. The impressions that will leave the forthcoming relocation of the apartment depend on the quality of the organization of the process. It often turns out that in memory there is not the joy of housewarming, but vanity, confusion and material costs. Naturally, during the resettlement, everyone wants to minimize costs, reduce time to a minimum and save energy. But there are people for whom the move is part of the work, of course, we will talk about our military, because they often have to move on duty. And if you constantly get stress from the moves, you can worsen your health. Therefore, we will be happy to help arrange a transfer for the military.

 The organization of the apartment move should be considered as a set of measures aimed at moving material values. This is a whole operation, which involves planning, conducting and synchronizing certain types of work. In addition, transport, packaging materials, tools and rigging are required. This is not the entire list of activities, of which the apartment move consists.

 PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC provides a full range of services necessary to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively carry out apartment moves regardless of distance and complexity, all operations will be performed at a high professional level. Deep knowledge, rich experience and responsible attitude to work are inherent features of our specialists. They can safely trust the fulfillment of the most difficult and non-standard tasks. The company is ready to vouch for this and is financially responsible for the client's movable property.

 We have everything we need to realize an apartment move cheaply, quickly and efficiently:

- own motor transport;

- qualified personnel (loaders, drivers, packers, furniture collectors);

- modern packaging materials;

- a necessary set of tools for disassembly and dismantling;

- special means, devices and mechanisms for moving and securing cargo.

 We can afford to arrange for you an apartment move inexpensively, thanks to its own fleet and a high-quality logistics system. You can order any special service from us, transportation of fragile, bulky and heavy cargoes, as well as a full-fledged apartment move.

Within the complex of events or as independent works our specialists:

 - help plan the move and agree on the timing;

- They will dismantle furniture and dismantle equipment and interior items;

- Pack and mark things and furniture details;

- pick up the best car for transportation;

- will carry out loading and securely fix the cargo in the body of transport;

- rigging;

- will choose the optimal route of travel;

- in the agreed terms deliver the goods to destination;

- unload the car;

- collect furniture and arrange things in accordance with your requirements;

- garbage and packaging material.

 PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC qualitatively and operatively realizes for you an apartment move. At the same time, we guarantee strict observance of the terms and safety of your property.