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Local moving

Moving This is one of many serious steps in any family. Therefore, the home moving can be compared with a large project, which always requires an individual approach. It is for this reason that there is a different disassembly-assembly of furniture, the order of loading, the type of car, etc. Therefore, when you order an home moving with us, we take into account every detail and all your wishes that may affect the performance of work.

If you need to pack your things, you should contact us in advance, saying what packaging materials are required - be it scotch tape, cardboard boxes, film and so on. You can discuss the quantity of packing material with our managers in the telephone mode.

Home relocation can be done by selecting one or more of the services listed above. Each home moving begins with the departure of the manager to the place of moving, where the furniture and appliances are frozen. Then an official proposal is prepared with a detailed description of the services and terms. Moving the apartment begins with the signing of an official contract. Each transportation of the apartment is a well-established process, which is managed by the transportation manager, taking into account all the customer's wishes to the smallest detail.

The whole range of services, which includes an apartment move, is selected individually. It is possible to get a seasonal or individual discount for moving an apartment depending on the amount of work. If necessary, the transportation of the apartment is carried out on weekends and holidays.

The complex home moving includes several stages:

- Dismantling of furniture, its dismantling and packing;

- Packaging of household appliances, as well as personal things of the customer;

- Careful transportation of packed cargo;

- In case of need unpacking of cargo and arrangement of furniture.

You can order a complex home moving or choose any stage, from the above listed, using the services of professionals!

PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC will provide vehicles, professional and experienced loaders-furniture makers.