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Full-Service Packing

When carrying out any move, packing materials used in the process of packing objects are very important. We value and respect our customers who trust us with their valuables, furnishings, furniture and other property, so the PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC uses only high-quality packaging materials! Our experts will pack the items to be transported with individual selection of packaging material.

For the further transportation of valuable and fragile things our employees will prepare an individual hard container. Packing material: two- and three-layer air-bubble film (for air-packing things are used air-bubble film with an additional layer of protection), fabric (including felt), foam rubber, corrugated cardboard boxes, lumber, stretch films, scotch tape and others.

The process of moving is controlled by our specialist. Loaders work quickly and accurately:

- Air bubble film, a roll of 100 mx 1,5 m for packing fragile things. For example: mirrors, glassware, washing machines, etc .:

- Stretch film - used for packing mattresses, sofas, cabinet furniture, etc .:

- Cardboard boxes of 5-layer corrugated cardboard: 500mm x 500mm x 500mm to protect the cargo from mechanical damage, mainly used for packaging computer, chandeliers, clothes, things, etc .:

- Cardboard boxes of 5-layer corrugated cardboard: 500mm x 300mm x 350mm to protect the cargo from mechanical damage. Used for packing books, documents, dishes and other small items:

- Cardboard sheets and packaging paper: 2000mm x 1200mm to protect the cargo from mechanical damage and from mechanical influences during transportation:

- Scotch tape is used for fixing the packaging elements and pasting boxes.