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Business Moving

Rarely, which company has to work in the same room for decades. If the office became too small or there appeared a more convenient option for clients and an economically advantageous variant of accommodation of employees, then there is an office move.

Many managers themselves are being discouraged by the words "office move". After an office move, this means that for some time the team will not be able to perform its tasks. And this may mean that the company may incur losses. The usual consequences of an office move are confusion with documents, idle computers and office equipment and broken furniture. The consequences of an office move are eliminated for weeks. Lost time is lost money. If you think about all this, then it's better to move office and not to start.

Office move? It's not scary

But even in order to arrive at such seemingly inevitable results, an office move still needs to be properly organized. And this means that you need to take care of packing, carrying and transportation of property. But who will do this? Employees? For them, it often becomes stressful to even change the view from a window without talking about a process like moving. And to present the chief accountant and the secretary, dragging the refrigerator and an armored safe is completely impossible.

Realizing how difficult the office move for ordinary people, PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC provides comprehensive services for the organization of office crossings.

Your employees will remain, say, on Friday after lunch, collect their personal belongings and documents in the boxes provided by us, sign them and leave them on their work desks. And on Monday it is already getting used to the new situation. All the rest related to the office move, we take care of.

Our workers will come and carefully disassemble furniture, will pack everything up to trifles and delicately transfer all to a new office. On Monday, your staff can already go into the room, disassemble their belongings and boldly take up work. Having organized your office move, we will allow you not to paralyze the company's work for one day.

Our services are much cheaper than your time, strength and maybe lost money!