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It's no secret that there are a lot of companies providing relocation services. However, it is very difficult to find a worthwhile one. All such companies can have a wide range of services. However, prices may leave much to be desired. Often, such companies in the event of damage to your belongings, even do not compensate for the damage, which in itself is unfair. Choosing us you with full confidence can expect that you will never be deceived, and your things will be in complete safety, since we have an insurance service that will completely secure your move.


Everything is simple, we are very carefully approaching such a complicated thing as moving, we are completely planning what we will do, from the moment of customer's call and until the moment of farewell after moving. We never act on a template, because we understand that each client is unique and everyone needs their own approach. This makes our work as attractive and effective as it is. 

Turning to us you will get a huge range of such advantages  as:

- Highly qualified staff that will satisfy your every need.

- Full range of services for loading and unloading and packing works.

- The best conditions for any of our clients, thus we maximally save your time.

- Any questions that you have will never be ignored, let alone they will not remain unanswered.

PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC with ease and at a high level will perform the move of any complexity and any volume. In addition, they can not but rejoice at the low prices for the company's services. Our employees always comply with all the obligations specified in the contract, and never violate the delivery time. With us, you do not have to worry about the safety of the goods - all things will be delivered within the agreed time without any damage. Having trusted your move to us, you will never regret about the choice made, because the high professionalism of employees, modern cars, which have everything to ensure that the moving was safe, and the services of experienced and qualified personnel, guarantee the quality, efficiency and accuracy of the order.