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Moving company PRIMETIME MOVERS LLC’s will happily organize for you all types of moving and cargo transportation! Cooperating with us, all you need is to specify the place and time and you will receive all your belongings, furniture, pets in safety and security, and most importantly just in time.

Our company will help you make moving of any complexity, because our main activities are:

- Services of loaders (rigging, assembly and dismantling works, packing of your things and of course wearing heavy objects)

- Organization of moving of any complexity (office, apartment, house. villa and, of course, our favorite - last minute move)

- Moving seniors and persons with special needs

- Military Moving

- Cargo transportations throughout USA

- Warehouse storing


Our main customers are business people, and they simply do not have time for unnecessary worries about arranging travel or cargo transportation. After all, moving companies like ours take almost the entire care for themselves, the client only needs an address where to approach the truck, or porters, and the recipient of the unloading of his cargo, and all other worries lie on our shoulders.

There are other clients like pensioners and other vulnerable groups of the population. For such people we have a whole set of discounts, and we gladly help them in organizing all types of transportation and handling.

And, of course, the military has long realized that using the services of such moving companies as ours will save them from nerves, worries and unnecessary expenses. Believe our experience that the services of your friends, relatives and acquaintances will cost you, in most cases, more expensive, and more stressful!.

When calling to our managers you will receive the complete and necessary information for you, and if you are planning to organize a complex move or rigging, our appraiser will leave at your appointed time and everything will tell you in detail and will advise you, will make an approximate cost of the service. And most importantly, the call of the appraiser is completely free! Nobody will reproach you later if you even order services from another transport company.

We guarantee you the highest level of service and high quality of service for not great funds. After all, we have many years of experience behind our shoulders, and during this time we managed to form a very good team for which we are responsible.

We will be glad that you will use our services and you will not regret it!